Yorkshire Wooden Decking

Hardwood Decking from £70.00
Wooden Decking from £70.00 per square metre

For certain we are Yorkshire’s premier wooden decking design and construction company, offering traditional or bespoke schemes. Principally wooden decking falls into 3 categories, detailed below.

Softwood Decking

Quality softwood decking is a cost effective way of creating real useable spaces within any garden scheme. Wooden decking lends itself to uses where more traditional, stone based surfaces are either not desired or not possible for example raised platforms and balconies or alongside water features to give a floating feel. Wooden decking is perfect for creating that 'inside outside' feeling when installed next to your property alongside patio or bi-folding doors. Similarly it can be used in any area of the garden to provide a useable focal point. All our softwood decking is kiln dried prior to visiting the treatment tank, where it receives its pressure treatment for external use. The supporting timber framework is always structurally graded timber (c16 or better) which is also pressure treated for external use. We only use screws as a fixing method for our decking. Nails = Squeaks!

Hardwood decking is used in all the same applications as softwood. It offers a more decorative, high end finish and feel. Hardwood decking is available in a wide range of timber species. We regularly work with Ipe, Iroko and Yellow Balau, all of which are renowned for their striking appearance.  We are also happy to work with any other species of timber our clients require, including oak. All our hardwood decks are carefully installed with either visible stainless steel fixings or hidden fixings. As with our softwood decking, the pressure treated supporting timber frame is formed using only structurally graded timber. Our clients who want a dark and rich finish to their deck are likely to choose one of the hardwood options.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is the ultimate answer to extremely low maintenance outdoor spaces. It is a mixture of natural wood fibres, re-cycled plastic and binding agents and is available in a wide range of finishes and colours, it can either imitate natural wood or have a totally artificial look and finish. Composite decking comes from the manufacturer as the finished article. There is no oiling or staining required. It has built in anti-slip properties ideal for shady and damp areas. Composite decking is used in all the same areas as both softwood and hardwood. As with our other decking and structures, the timber supporting frame is formed using only pressure treated, structurally graded timber

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