Yorkshire Bespoke Wood Pergolas

Yorkshire Bespoke Wood Pergolas From 1249
Wooden pergolas from £695.00

Based in Harrogate all our wood framed bespoke Pergolas are all individually designed and installed throughout Yorkshire.

Pergolas offer similar benefits to gazebos in their ability to add focus and functionality to either new or existing spaces. They can be simplistic and monolithic in style or they can be detailed and highly decorative, lending themselves to any environment. 

Pergolas can be located anywhere in the garden. They can be triangular in shape to suit a corner, elongated to highlight a pathway or octagonal as a centre piece for a lawn. They can be any shape or size to suit the given application. 

Additional features can include canvas panels to further enhance the visual appeal of the structure, and cast some welcome shade on those hotter days. Contemporary slatted screens can also be fitted to create an al fresco garden room feel. The floor can remain as the existing patio or grassed area, or we can introduce new flooring ranging from wooden decking to a variety of stone finishes. Requirements for complimentary planting schemes of both low level and climbers can also be catered for.

As with our other structures, we are happy to advise on the best possible type of timber and construction methods. Traditionally built mortise, tenon and dowelled green oak, or structural grade softwood pinned together with stainless steel bars are used alongside more simplistic construction methods when required. We have one goal in mind, to ensure that the end result is everything our clients expect it to be and more.

We offer free consultations and quotations, please call or use our Contact Us page.

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