Yorkshire Bespoke Fencing

Yorkshire Bespoke Wooden Fencing From 345
Wooden fencing from £65.00 per linear metre

Our bespoke wooden fencing designs are not available off the shelf or in your local DIY centre. You may have seen some our works at the Yorkshire or Harrogate Flower Shows. 

Fence styles have changed dramatically in recent years. What was once a dowdy nondescript perimeter to a garden or space now has the opportunity to be a stylish and artistic wooden fence. We often use western red cedar for our slatted screens. We choose this specifically for its intrinsic resistance to the elements. Alternatives include Iroko hard wood  or pressure treated softwood. We can even make a feature of the posts by using green oak sleepers....... 

Sometimes a wooden fence just needs to be functional. In this instance we lean towards two types of fence. Feather edge fencing provides a solid finish, leaving the rails exposed on the reverse side. Hit and miss fencing provides a partially see through finish, allowing the wind to pass through. Ideal for extremely exposed applications. Critically, both styles are 'loose board' i.e. no panels. This affords us the luxury of positioning our heavy duty support posts where we choose, allowing us to stay clear of services and other underground obstacles. Typically we position our posts a 1.8m (6') intervals or less. Once the posts are fixed with rapid set concrete, three rails are attached and the boards nailed on. With these systems there are no panels, more importantly there are no half panels and awkward 

cuts at the start or finish of the run. There are no steps, we are able to follow the lie of the land, smoothing out any lumps and bumps along the way. 

For extraordinary bespoke wooden fencing alternatives please call or use our Contact Us page.

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